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Welcome to Queensland Korean Orchestra!

The Queensland Korean Orchestra was officially founded on April 26th 2008 with its origins being a small ensemble group of 11 people that was formed in August 2006. The QKO is a non profit organisation that is run by a dedicated committee whose members currently oversee the operation of the orchestra.

On the 27th September 2008, 38 musicians performed in the first ever annual concert by the QKO at Holland Park State High School in front of an audience of 600 and was a rousing success.

Since then, the orchestra has held such an event every year with continuing growth in the number of audience, supporters and recognition of the orchestra. Such growth in support and enthusiasm for the organisation has firmly established the Queensland Korean Orchestra as a significant cultural entity within the Korean community of Queensland today.

Through music, the QKO endeavours to pave a way for communication between people of a varied set of cultures and to act as a forum in which individuals can gain a greater understanding of such cultures. What started as an organisation consisting only with Koreans has evolved into a diverse membership of musicians with many backgrounds that continues to pursue a greater harmonisation of cultures.

The development of the orchestra is focused on the continuing commitment towards a multicultural society in Australia to act positively as the natural social background within the country.

Taking on this assumed role of cultural communication and unity as a community orchestra is a new and difficult challenge that we are setting ourselves. While the orchestra is made up of members from many different backgrounds we seek to blend a beautiful harmony between east and west through the introduction of traditional Korean music to the Australian community while showing a new genre in music that can be appreciated.

Members of the orchestra also frequent places such as nursing homes to perform music as a means to help develop opportunities and promote participation in community service.

The QKO believes that music is a precious language available to all to communicate and experience. This will always be kept at heart as we continue to strive to lead the development of culture and the arts in the community of Queensland.

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