Vision & Dream

This year, QKO is committed to building upon our solid foundation in order to effectively facilitate and expand for the future generations of our orchestra.

Our objective for collaborating with various educational institutes is to promote friendship and thus a long-term relationship between the institutes and QKO. It is important for our orchestra to increase our presence in the wider community. Not only will this benefit our orchestra as a whole, it will create increased opportunities for our orchestra members to perform in concerts through this new implementation.

Our 2018 agenda entails several concerts, including various new collaborative concerts with other schools, the BrisAsia Festival, and at the conferences of the Queensland Department of Education.

Today we open a new chapter of opportunities through stages, festivals, and events. We are extremely positive with our progressive plan, and through it, we will strive to provide consistent support to both our members and the community.

Haemin Lee    Vice CEO

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