2018 Queensland Korean Orchestra Program

We are excited to launch Queensland Korean Orchestra’s 2018 program!


13th February Brisbane City Hall
3rd June Concerto Concert at the Old Museum
On February, we held an audition for a concerto concert. As a result, four young players were selected from our juniors group.
QKO will continue to expand these kinds of small concerts, which aim to provide more opportunities to our orchestra through various concerts and events. This is reflected in our progressive plan and also in our consistent efforts to support our members and build a foundation for the orchestra.

2ND September 11th QKO Annual concert at the Old Museum
4th November/ 9th December Nutcracker with local community Art school 3D (Drama & Dance of Dunamis)


25th March The collaboration concert with Calamvale community College
13th May Mother’s day collaboration concert with Canterbury college
Our objective for collaborating with various educational institutes is to promote friendship and thus a long-term relationship between the institutes and QKO. It is important for our orchestra to increase our presence in the wider community. Not only will this benefit our orchestra as a whole, it will create increased opportunities for our orchestra members to perform in concerts through this new implementation.

Intention for the Collaboration with Schools 각 학교와의 합주 유치 목적과 의도
1. 각각 학교와의 우호 관계 유지 및 성장의 발판을 도모한다.
Aim to promote friendship with Schools and thus build a solid long-term relationship
2. 오케스트라와의 협주의 기회를 제공 함으로써, 동기를 부여QKO에 대한 관심을 높인다.
Raise interest of QKO by providing opportunity to Schools to cooperate with the orchestra
3. 오케스트라를 널리 알린다
Increased publicity of the orchestra to the wider community
4. JS, YO 단원들에 자긍심을 심어 준다
Improving confidence and conviction in our members
5. 소규모 공연의 활성화로 좀 더 많은 공연을 단원들에게 제공한다
Providing our orchestra members with multiple chances of performing in concerts through implementation of small concerts.

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